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The CBT (computer based training) Lab offers a wide variety of excellent, effective software programs that provide individual study and practice. The Academy server is connected to twelve stations which can individually access any of the videos, training lessons or carry out self tests on the software available. Various “hands-on” aids are available such as Air Traffic Management, Meteorology, and Safety classes. Labs are open during the Academy operating hours and the students are encouraged to utilise this exceptional training aid at no additional cost. The following are the components/areas of training addressed by the lab:

  • Communication: Interactive software designed to teach pilots how to communicate safely and professionally with Air Traffic Control. Training for VFR or IFR communications and IFR clearances are simulated and provided in the Lab.
  • Airport and ATC: Airport and ATC simulation software helps the student to understand air field layout, airfield markings and their significance to negotiate ground traffic and runways wherever they fly.
  • Navigation: The lab also offers interactive navigation and VOR/NDB usage simulation, holding patterns, instrument approaches, missed approach procedures and GPS practice stations to help the students understand and visualise usage of navigation aids during IFR flight.
  • Aircraft Systems: The lab is equipped with Virtual Training System (VTS) that can teach the student the systems of the aircraft that they would fly during training, namely Cessna and Piper.
  • Computer Based Testing Software: AAIPI has compiled a question bank that caters to FAA, JAA, ATO and DGCA (PPL, CPL, ALTP standards). The students can generate questions at their will and test themselves as part of their self study.
  • Other: The lab also caters to chart reading, route planning, sessions in weather analysis, use of navigation computers, flight safety, CRM, LOFT, and other advanced concepts of flight training.