Faculty & Staff.

AERONAV ’s personnel consists of highly devoted individuals selected for their commitment and professionalism.


All instructors are type qualified, knowledgeable and have the requisite certification for undertaking the demanding task of air-instruction.

Patter and Standardization:

The instructional methodology and airborne instructional technique has been standardized at AERONAV , while retaining the flexibility to cater to individual student requirements ensuring optimum learning value. The instructors are regularly checked for their competence by the CFI for maintaining the desired high institutional standards.

Instructor/Pupil Ratio:

It is an accepted fact that for optimum interaction and teaching, the Instructor to Pupil ratio should not go down below 1:5. At AERONAV we always maintain this ratio.

Selection Methodology:

The instructors have been selected after a rigorous process of interviews, flying with the CFI and studying the track record on their instructional capability and flight safe


Flying instruction is a very taxing and draining task wherein the temperament of the Instructors is stretched. We take great care in selecting our instructors to ensure they have patience and enthusiasm to deliver even under stress.

Maintenance Personnel:
AERONAV ‘s A/Ps and REIs are fully certified and licensed by CAAP; AERONAV ‘s safety record is second to none.